CV flo 2015About Me :

        My name is Florence Boscher.

I have recently passed my Master degree in Translation at Brest University.

Translating has now become one of my passions and I would be happy to help you with the expertise I acquired this year through my professional training.

Diplomas :

  • Masters degree in English
  • Degree in Primary School Education
  • Masters degree in Translation (english/french and french/english)

Professional experience :

  • I spent a four months training period at the Notaire's office in Callac involving verbal as well as written translation into english (letters, e-mails, translation of various official documents).
  • In the meantime I also set up a Web tool for professional use at the office aimed at easing both verbal and written communication with English speaking customers.

My personnal and professional ethics :

In order to provide you with the best service possible in terms of quality and deadline, I will ask to see the project before I carry out the work to make sure it meets my qualifications.

In case of any problem concerning your order I will agree to work with you to seek a solution.


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