I can translate any document from English into French according to your needs.

I will carry out your translation according to your instructions, with or without glossaries ( but sending me one will garantee the use of the terminology you require, especially as regards technical documents ).

  • Translation of technical documents (instructions of use, quotes, and so on ...)
  • Translation of administrative documents (letters, various forms)
  • Translation of different types of documents in the sector of tourism (leaflets, flyers)
  • Translation of novels, detective stories etc...
  • Verbal translation and help for administrative formalities in everyday life
  • Translation of documents, e-mails, letters needed for any request at the Notaire's office.

Conditions and prices :

Each document being unique, the price of a translation is established according to the degree of complexity of the task, the number of words translated, the deadline, the purpose of the translation (internal use, advertisement and so on...).
Supplementary cost may occur in case of bad quality of the original document which will have to be retyped beforehand.

Don't hesitate to ask for a free quote by contacting me directly by phone or e-mail on my contact page.

Urgent translations carried out during the week-end will be performed at a higher rate due to being outside business hours (price available on request).

Services aimed at native english speaking clients

I can also help you with any verbal translation needed for important appointments regarding administrative matters such as insurance, housing, banking, education and so on... (tarif available on request)

Creation of web-tool aimed at easing oral/written communication for businesses

Last but not least, I can help you with verbal or written communication by creating a fully personalized all in one Web tool for you business including ready made translations for greeting, e-mailing or sending letters to your customers. (prices and General Terms of Business available on request) (AVAILABLE SOON)

This also includes a glossary which can be updated and enriched according to your needs, to help you with words you regularly come across. Prices and conditions of sale available on request.


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